Pickoff Collet Options

  • Extended Nose (with the Extension O.D. Tapered)
  • Extended Nose (without the Extension O.D. Tapered)
  • Cross Holes
  • Step Bore
  • Multi-Step Bore
  • Tapered Bore
  • Tapered Step Bore
  • Reverse Tapered Bore
  • Over-grip
  • Extreme Over-grip Bore
  • Offset Bore
  • Angular Bores
  • Concave Radius Bores

Extended-nose collets and bushings are used when clearance or reach becomes an issue. Since everyone’s needs are specific, there is no standard extension.

When ordering extended-nose collets or bushings, please refer to the diagrams on the separate extended-nose page of our catalog. Supplying the “A” and “B” dimensions when ordering is very helpful to us in ensuring accuracy.